Industrial Network Distributor - Extension of network solutions

MENNEKES network distributor

With the new industrial network distributor from the AMAXX® family, MENNEKES offers a product for the expansion of network solutions.

By using a robust plastic enclosure, the installation of standard network components is possible in more demanding environments, such as those that prevail in trade and industry, with regard to protection class, mechanical influences or similar factors.

Existing networks can thus be quickly expanded, while smaller networks can easily be rebuilt. The user can act freely in the selection of active network components and Keystones. Hence the preferred switches or routers can be easily and safely attached to the integrated mounting plate. The patch panel for mounting up to eight Keystones can be equipped with RJ45 receptacles or other inserts.

Two SCHUKO® receptacles integrated into the enclosure are used for the power supply of the active network components.

Another advantage for the user:
After the power supply has been connected by the qualified electrician, the further equipping and manipulation of the enclosure can be performed by laymen in the field of electrical technology.

Industrial Network Distributor - Network extension solutions

Application example: network distributor


Metric screw M40 with multiple sealing insert, 6 openings for cable diameters of 6-9 mm and blanking plugs.


Generous connection area.


Combined patch panel for mounting 8 manufacturerindependent RJ45 Keystones and custom mounting options for active network components. Openings according to IEC 60603-7: 19.45 mm and 14.91 mm; with threaded grounding screws M 6 for the optional connection of an external ground conductor.


Velcro connector for attaching the network components.


Installation space for network components, e.g. switch, router, wireless access point, etc.


2 SCHUKO® receptacles for power supply of active network components.


Cepex data receptacle with RJ45 right angle connector module for direct connection of patch cables.


Metric screw fitting M20


  • Equipping of the interior with commercially available active network components, by the customer
  • Plastic enclosure, highly suitable for the installation of components with wireless functionality
  • Ideal for network expansion
  • Protects the installed components against dust, moisture and other environmental influences