Energy and data - Cepex data port receptacles

Versatile in use and reliable: Our Cepex data port receptacles are for example perfect for control rooms, storage areas and laboratories as well as airports and production lines. Operation is via standard patch cables. Can be combined with Cepex receptacles, CEE and SCHUKO®.
These receptacles are suitable for surface mounting, fl ush mounting, or duct installation.



  • Clearly visible labeling field.
  • Protection type IP44 with closed cover in connected or unconnected state.
  • Suitable for twin data port receptacles RJ45, Cat. 3 to Cat. 7 and manufacturerindependent RJ45 Keystones. Openings according to IEC 60603-7.
  • Back part of enclosure can be rotated by 180 degrees, allowing cable entry from above or below without additional work.

All models are equipped as standard with a membrane screw connection M 25 for two cables 3-9 mm. Simply force the cables into place - done.

A metric cable gland
M25 / 2 x 8 is optionally available.

Lockable, even with inserted cables. The safety lock prevents unauthorized access.

Energy and data - AMAXX® with energy and AMAXX® with data components, suitable for flange-mounting

AMAXX® combinations – suitable for flange-mounting

The well-thought-out design guarantees maximum flexibility. All enclosures are 225 mm wide. Unassembled enclosures can easily be arranged vertically, one on top of the other. All combinations are pre-wired for installation and tested for electrical safety and quality, so as to ensure quick installation on site.